Consumer Protection

Colorado Consumer Protection Lawyers Fight for Your Rights

Assertive attorneys represent consumers who have been harmed by products and services 

Whether you have been victimized by fraudulent charges, creditor abuse, violation of personal privacy rights, or an unsafe product, the attorneys at The Murphy Law Firm, LLC will work tirelessly to right the wrongs done to you. When businesses in the Denver-Boulder Metro area or Colorado fail to abide by contracts, warranties and other provisions for their products or services, we seek monetary damages to fully account for the harm you've suffered. We are knowledgeable advocates who will hold businesses accountable when they violate consumer protections. You can rely on us to vigorously press your claim based on the facts of your case and your rights under Colorado state and federal laws that protect consumers.

Diligent Colorado advocates uphold your rights under the law

At The Murphy Law Firm, LLC, we draw on years of experience fighting for consumers who've been victimized. You can count on us to provide comprehensive legal advice for matters governed by these laws and regulations:

  • Fair Credit Billing Act — Creditors are responsible for correcting billing errors with due diligence. When your creditor has failed to reverse unauthorized charges, charged the wrong amount, charged you for merchandise you never received, failed to post payments and other credits, failed to send bills to your current address before they came due, or failed to provide you with written proof of purchase, our attorneys can assert your rights.
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act — Creditors are prohibited under federal law from harassing consumers when trying to collect debts. They are not permitted to release false information about your outstanding debts to anyone, including your employer or a credit reporting agency.
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act — As a consumer, you have the right to review your credit score and dispute any mistakes in your credit report. In addition, if you have been a victim of identity theft, you can dispute any of those fraudulent charges. Since interest rates, financing charges and required deposits are closely tied to your credit score, it is in your best interests to contact us to help you resolve these issues.
  • Truth in Lending Act — Your creditors are required by law to explain — conspicuously, in print — the precise terms of any loan, including the amount being financed, the required minimum monthly payment, the number of payments to be made and the annual percentage rate (APR). If you discover that a loan you were led to believe was a fixed rate loan is actually a variable rate loan, you may have a claim against your creditor.
  • Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act — Mortgage lenders are not allowed to advertise low interest rates and then charge high rates through their affiliates for a kickback. Such bait-and-switch tactics are illegal. As a consumer, you can sue if you have been a victim of deceptive real estate practices.
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act — Your privacy with regard to your medical history is an enforceable right. Patients who have had this right violated may pursue legal action, and our attorneys stand ready to help.
  • Pure Food and Drug Act — The government regulates labels on food for human consumption as well as the manufacture and sale of edible products. If a food product has made you ill, you may have a legal claim against the retailer or manufacturer. We can explain your rights and outline your options.
  • Consumer Product Safety Act — If you have been injured by a dangerous or unsafe product, contact us for assistance.
  • U.S. National Do Not Call Registry — Registrants with the U.S. National Do Not Call Registry have a right not to receive unsolicited calls from telemarketers. If your right has been violated, our attorneys can help you take legal action.

We understand that by holding businesses accountable when your rights as a consumer are violated, we can help to hold those businesses more accountable to the general public. You can rely on our advocacy at each step of your claim to protect your rights by seeking the compensation you deserve.

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Knowing your rights as a consumer is the first step toward correcting the wrongs done to you. At The Murphy Law Firm, LLC, our attorneys understand your sense of frustration when those rights are violated and will take prompt and assertive action on your behalf. Call 303-536-7000 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.