Breach of Contract, Fraud and Theft

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At The Murphy Law Firm, LLC, we help clients resolve the disputes that arise out of commercial contracts, fraud, theft, and business relationships.

It is amazing how creative humans can be when trying to rip off others. We’ve represented subcontractors against large general contractors that were stealing millions of dollars on multiple jobs. We’ve represented general contractors when subcontractors breach their contracts, don’t do the work, or steal from them. We’ve represented partners fighting to keep their business going when one of their partners decides to steal from the company or just destroy its business.

We believe that when you enter into a contract, you have the right to get the benefit of that bargain. We believe that theft and fraud should be found out, stopped, and punished.

One of our clients owned a commercial window cleaning company. She discovered one of her subcontractors was cheating her and she appropriately ended that contract. That subcontractor had the nerve to sue our client for failing to pay him for work he had never done. We investigated and discovered a years-long pattern of fraudulent overcharging. We countersued for fraud, went to trial, and won the case outright.

Another client was a large subcontractor who believed an even larger general contractor had stolen about $100,000 through fraudulent change orders. We investigated and found out that they had stolen much more. We sued in federal court and settled the case for $1.2 million. 

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